1. the largest continent with 60% of the earth's population; it is joined to Europe on the west to form Eurasia; it is the site of some of the world's earliest civilizations (Freq. 5)
Derivationally related forms: ↑Asiatic, ↑Asian
Members of this Region: ↑flying carpet, ↑Hizb ut-Tahrir, ↑Freedom Party
Instance Hypernyms: ↑continent
Part Holonyms: ↑Eurasia
Part Meronyms:
Asian country, ↑Asian nation, ↑Asia Minor, ↑Anatolia, ↑Afghanistan, ↑Islamic State of Afghanistan, ↑Southeast Asia, ↑China, ↑People's Republic of China, ↑mainland China, ↑Communist China, ↑Red China, ↑PRC, ↑Cathay, ↑Turkistan, ↑Turkestan, ↑Palestine, ↑Canaan, ↑Holy Land, ↑Promised Land, ↑Roman Empire, ↑Arabian Peninsula, ↑Arabia, ↑Bahrain, ↑State of Bahrain, ↑Bahrein, ↑Bangladesh, ↑People's Republic of Bangladesh, ↑Bangla Desh, ↑East Pakistan, ↑Bhutan, ↑Kingdom of Bhutan, ↑India, ↑Republic of India, ↑Bharat, ↑Nepal, ↑Kingdom of Nepal, ↑Tibet, ↑Thibet, ↑Xizang, ↑Sitsang, ↑Iran, ↑Islamic Republic of Iran, ↑Persia, ↑Persian Empire, ↑Iraq, ↑Republic of Iraq, ↑Al-Iraq, ↑Irak, ↑Japan, ↑Nippon, ↑Nihon, ↑Jordan, ↑Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, ↑Kuwait, ↑State of Kuwait, ↑Koweit, ↑Korea, ↑Korean Peninsula, ↑Dae-Han-Min-Gook, ↑Han-Gook, ↑North Korea, ↑Democratic People's Republic of Korea, ↑D.P.R.K., ↑DPRK, ↑South Korea, ↑Republic of Korea, ↑Lebanon, ↑Lebanese Republic, ↑Malay Peninsula, ↑Tartary, ↑Tatary, ↑Mongolia, ↑Mongolian People's Republic, ↑Outer Mongolia, ↑Oman, ↑Sultanate of Oman, ↑Muscat and Oman, ↑Pakistan, ↑Islamic Republic of Pakistan, ↑West Pakistan, ↑Parthia, ↑Qatar, ↑State of Qatar, ↑Katar, ↑State of Katar, ↑Asian Russia, ↑Kazakhstan, ↑Republic of Kazakhstan, ↑Kazakstan, ↑Kazakh, ↑Kazak, ↑Kyrgyzstan, ↑Kyrgyz Republic, ↑Kirghizia, ↑Kirgizia, ↑Kirghiz, ↑Kirgiz, ↑Kirghizstan, ↑Kirgizstan, ↑Tajikistan, ↑Republic of Tajikistan, ↑Tadzhikistan, ↑Tadzhik, ↑Tadjik, ↑Tajik, ↑Turkmenistan, ↑Turkomen, ↑Turkmen, ↑Turkmenia, ↑Uzbekistan, ↑Republic of Uzbekistan, ↑Uzbek, ↑Syria, ↑Syrian Arab Republic, ↑Ottoman Empire, ↑Turkish Empire, ↑United Arab Emirates, ↑Yemen, ↑Republic of Yemen, ↑Altai Mountains, ↑Altay Mountains, ↑Argun, ↑Argun River, ↑Ergun He, ↑Great Rift Valley, ↑Kura, ↑Kura River
2. the nations of the Asian continent collectively
Derivationally related forms: ↑Asiatic, ↑Asian
Hypernyms: ↑collection, ↑aggregation, ↑accumulation, ↑assemblage
Instance Hyponyms: ↑East, ↑Orient

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Asia [Asia] [ˈeɪʒə] [ˈeɪʒə] [ˈeɪʃə] [ˈeɪʃə] noun singular
the largest continent

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